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Powersecrets of the Rich and Successful - Dave Reynolds
Powersecrets of the Rich and Successful - Dave Reynolds
Powersecrets of the Rich & Successful: Testimonials
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Discover how to.......


Acquire a ‘Prosperity Mentality’


Transform your finances, get out of debt and attract Wealth


Put energy, passion and enthusiasm into everything you do


Harness the assistance of others in ensuring you reach your goals


Motivate and inspire yourself and others at will


Build your self esteem and develop a healthy and positive self image


Become a truly outstanding ‘Super Achiever’


David Reynolds Reveals the
‘Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’
A truly inspirational book.... the best of its kind I have ever read. It’s brilliant! “ Barry Dowman
“What a wonderful book! I already want to read it again........I feel so fortunate to have all this life knowledge at my fingertips so early on in my career, all in one handy book! Thank you very much for writing it.”
Alice Smith.
Discover the Seven most POWERFUL success principles that are guaranteed to put you on the road to Wealth, Health and Happiness
“A treasure trove of life lessons for personal development.”
How to Get Everything You Want – No Matter Where You Are Right Now
The economic recovery will generate great opportunities… if you are prepared to take advantage of them! 
I’m going to show you how!
Copyright © Dave Reynolds 2010. All Rights Reserved
At tough times like this, when many people are struggling to make ends meet, some people will buck the trend and prosper as if they were riding the crest of a wave!
As the economic upturn kicks in, many people will accumulate considerable wealth and enjoy living the good life to the full.
 And you could be one of them!
My first car!
The Definition of Frustration!!!
A more recent acquisition arrived just a few days after
a mishap on the ski slopes!

In the next few years there will be massive opportunities to make money as we return to growth and prosperity.

Now is the time to live up to your potential and head in the direction of an exciting, prosperous and fulfilling future.....a future in which you will enjoy an abundance of wealth, health and happiness!

Having learned these powerful secrets from so many successful people, I’m eager to share all that has enabled me to lead such a rich and rewarding life.  


I want to reveal these simple secrets that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

And I didn’t write this to make lots of money for me.  I wrote it in the certain knowledge that it can make lots of money for you!


In ‘Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’ I’ll show you step by step what the secrets of success are, and how you too can easily learn to put your life on the ‘fast track’.


You will be shown how to:

Believe me; you don’t have to have a brilliant brain or earn a Master’s Degree from Oxford or Cambridge in order to become a high achiever in life.  Many of today’s most successful people never even went to University….and I’m one of them.  That’s not to suggest that a good education isn’t an asset. But it isn’t essential in order to build wealth, enjoy good health and live a full, exciting and happy life.


It’s not intellect or superior intelligence that dictates your ability to succeed in life.  


You already possess within you everything you will ever need.


Most people have no idea what their potential is………which is why they never live up to it.

You are already equipped with incredible ability to accomplish all manner of things.  But, if you are like most people, you’ve never been taught how to harness the power you possess.

You certainly wouldn’t have learned it at school.  And the likelihood is that your parents, however loving they may have been when raising you, never taught you either.

In all probability the opposite is the case, and you grew up with a mindset that has imposed severe limitations on what you now expect from yourself.


And nothing will change unless you do!

But you can change.  I will show you exactly how easy it is to become the person you are capable of becoming.


As a young man in my twenties I was lucky enough to learn the principles that I want to share with you.


I learned them from a world famous multi-millionaire, philanthropist and self development expert, W.Clement Stone


These secrets, or Universal laws, have enabled me to live a wonderful life.  They will do the same for you if you apply them as I, and countless other happy and successful people, have done.



When I began writing Power Secrets’ I was sitting on the balcony of a luxury Villa, overlooking the beautiful gardens of one of Thailand’s most fabulous resorts. Beyond the palm trees I could see the warm sparkling waters of the Andaman Sea and an almost deserted bay of soft golden sand that stretches for miles.  It was easy to forget that so many people were suffering real financial hardship back in the UK.


Since I retired from working full time my wife and I spend at least twenty weeks a year holidaying in places most people only ever dream about.


Life doesn’t get much better than this!


The fact is I’m very fortunate in so many ways………and all because I learned, as a fairly young man, the differences between successful people and those who constantly struggle through life.


So many people are always short of money, frustrated in their jobs, living week to week, month to month, and always hoping that ‘something might turn up’.  Many have to save all year just to afford an annual two week holiday.

They will probably never realise their treasured dreams and aspirations. Sadly they are unlikely to even remotely fulfil their true potential.  


You don’t have to become one of them.


Whatever your dreams may be, you can turn them into reality by applying the ‘Laws of Success’ that I will share with you.

It’s not important where you came from or even where you are’s where you are going that matters.   

I can show you how to get from where you are today to where you want to be. And you will enjoy the journey!  

In my easy to read book you will find everything you need to know to get you started on the road to a more successful and fulfilling life, a life enriched by accomplishment, happiness and high self-esteem.

You will easily set and achieve higher goals than you may ever have thought possible.

In all honesty you have a responsibility to yourself to live your life to the full and to get the best from yourself. Don’t sell yourself short. Live up to what you are truly capable of.  

Frustration coupled with regret is a recipe for misery.  Sadly too many people know in their hearts they could be achieving so much more in their lives....if only they knew how.


‘Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’ will show you exactly how you can change your life for the better. Immediately and permanently.

There is no excuse for living a life of mediocrity when we live in a world that offers an abundance of opportunity.

If you aren’t totally happy with your life as it is right now, or the direction in which you are heading, you have to take action to change it. But you may not know how or where to start.


In this book you will discover, step by step, what to do and how to do it.

Now is the time to decide to become the person you want to be and to live the life you want to live.  You are the most important person in the world as far as you are concerned. There will only ever be one you!  Regardless of your background and current circumstances your destiny lies with you, and your future will be determined by how you think and how you act.


Applying the easy to follow principles in Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’ will have an immediate and positive impact on your life from the minute you start your journey of discovery.

There is nothing to be embarrassed about in wanting to get the most out of life.  Accumulating wealth doesn’t mean you would be depriving others...far from it in fact.

There isn’t a finite amount of wealth in this world. Wealth is continually being created. There’s no reason to feel guilty by getting and enjoying your share.  

The greater your wealth, the bigger your contribution to society will be.


There are only certain things you can do with money.

If you spend it, you are helping people stay in jobs.

If you invest it, your money will find its way into companies which supply goods, services and generate jobs.

If you keep it in cash in a Bank or Building society it will be lent out enabling new businesses to develop and existing businesses to grow.

You can also give some away and, if you do, the same cycle will be repeated in due course.

Although I suggest you do all of the above, I think spending it is the most fun!!  


I come from a working class dad was a lorry driver and my mother worked at the Co-op. I was married for the first time at 23 and can tell you that for several years I was struggling and in serious debt.   

But thankfully I learned from a wonderful motivator and mentor the powerful principles that rapidly propelled me towards success and financial security.

These are the same principles that I want to share with you now!

Since those early days my lifestyle has enabled me to live in a beautiful home, drive top of the range cars, and holiday in many exciting and wonderful places. Perhaps this may seem somewhat self-indulgent, but wouldn’t you just love to do the same?


In the last two years my wife and I have seen the majestic Victoria Falls in Zambia..... incredible scenery in New Zealand.... the wonders of Angkor Wat in Cambodia....  the awesome limestone formations in Halong Bay Vietnam.... Zebras and Giraffes grazing together in the African Bush.... the strange and magnificent wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.... the most amazing coral reefs and marine life in the Polynesian Islands.... a  brown bear taking her cubs for a walk in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park.....the beautiful beaches of Thailand and Malaysia.....not to mention exploring Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and several other countries and cities closer to home.

Whatever your own personal hopes, dreams and aspirations may be, I know that the more successful you become in achieving them the happier you will be and, at the same time, you will be doing more than your share in enhancing the lives of other people.

It’s OK to enjoy the good long as you can afford it.

So let me show you how.   

All you have to do to put yourself on the road to success and prosperity is to read this book and begin applying the principles!  

 You will soon realise the benefit of maintaining and accelerating your personal self development through other sources of motivational and educational material  Doing so will keep you sharp and keep you focused, but:   everything you need to immediately make a positive and dramatic change to your life is contained in the pages of Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’.

You will never learn from the book you don’t read.  Order this book now and take a giant step towards achieving the lifestyle other people only dream about.  


The small investment you will make in buying this book will be soon be repaid a thousand times over!                     


Let me say again that I didn’t write ‘Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’ with the intention of making lots of money for me. I wrote it in the hope that you will make lots of money for yourself!

There is nothing in it that you will find difficult to do. In fact you will quickly come to realise that doing what it takes to succeed doesn’t take nearly as much effort as you might believe.  Most of the things that truly successful people do are quite easy to do.  But what’s easy to do is also easy not to do.

Which is why you must take action now...

Go straight to the ‘Buy Now ‘button and order your copy for only £10.95  and your book will arrive postage and packing free by first class mail.



'My iron-clad guarantee to you.

If you don't agree that Power Secrets of the Rich and Successful’  isn't worth at least 100 times what you paid I'll send your money back instantly with no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!


Do it now!